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I am Geographer and Expert for Environmental Technologies and Environmental Management (Public and Private Sector). The succesful implementation of measures that reduce environmental impact and damage is what matters to me.

Useful measures eventually entail a medible impact reduction: If a process, by using best available technology and state-of-the art application knowlegde, needs less resources without endangering the creation of value in the long run, we can call it a sustainable approach.

If we all strive for protecting still unused resources by best policy, modern technology and adequate behaviour, we ensure welfare and life quality for upcoming generations.

Andreas Pecnik, M. A., Founder and CEO APREN 

MAS Environmental Technology and Management, FHNW, Basel

After 15 years working in education, communication and sales, managing different projects to enable sustainable development in Switzerland and abroad, I decided to get independent. In 2013 I started with APREN - striving for outreach to enhance impact of resource protection techniques.


Resource protection is a vast field. It encompasses a wide array of approaches and shows best results when working in strong teams - be it when collecting field data to design and implement a micro insurance scheme in rural India (Bhuj), or making sure that Green Finance works when backing a credit line for state-of-the art wastewater treatment (electro oxidation) in Medellín, Colombia.

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