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Outreach: Combine field work with excellent communication


Protect resources: how to do it best? We think that viable projects require quite a lot of field work during preparation and implementation in order to create win-win-partnerships between economy and ecology. Viable projects require the involvement of political decision makers as well as technical and financial feasibility. 


Never forget to talk about resource protection in order to keep it on the political agenda! We think that a tailor made, well understandable communication will ensure that e.g. Energy Efficiency, Competitivity through better Productivity or Access to Green Finance keep an important role in the daily discourse. APREN considers Resource Efficiency a substantial contribution to guarantee the future creation of value. That's why we look for transparent, client oriented communication in all of our projects.

The following media products are a result of APREN's coordination work. They show that a successful Resource Protection is of holistic and long-term nature and comprises different topics, starting with the battle against poverty (Translations available on demand).

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